Friday, November 20, 2009

Idle Hands 2009

We hosted the first the first annual IDLE HANDS craft show and sale on Sunday, November 19th, and visitors were lined up outside before the opening. Primed in part by an interview on CBC's Ottawa Morning with Jenn Stone, Joanna Swim, and Karina Bergmans, the crowds didn't let up until the end of the day. The webmaster even got some Christmas shopping done...assuming she can keep her hands off the awesome pickles and jellies until December 25th. Shoppers were also encouraged to browse the Patrick Gordon Framing back room full of old frames, and took away some bargains there too.

Visit CBC/Radio Ottawa's archive page and click Christmas Craft Craziness to hear the interview with CBC's Stu Mills (the archive should have it until about December 27th.)

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