Monday, September 17, 2012

 It's time for another sale!


Saturday November 24th
10am - 5pm
 St Anthony's Banquet Hall  St Antony st.

Here's how to apply.

Once again we are looking for seasonally appropriate arts & crafts that appeal to a wide range of customers. Keep in mind, guys like to shop too. We are always trying to diversify; if you are applying with jewellery, bags/purses or pillows please realize these are the bulk of the applications we receive. Quality and originality are what we are looking for.

To apply please email the following by Tuesday Oct 9th to: 

- Approx. 5 .jpeg images that illustrate the range of items that you wish to sell.
- Price points.
- A brief (max 250 words) description of your work.
- Business name. Please make sure all correspondence contains your name and business name.


$45 for space. you bring your own table ( no larger than 6ft x 3ft) or display equipment.

$50 for table and space.

$60 for table and additional space provided for free standing display

Those accepted as vendors by the jury will be contacted no later than Friday October 12th.


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